Inmarsat Connected Car to lead workshop at European ITS Congress



Inmarsat’s Connected Car group, provider of connectivity solutions and applications for connected vehicles, will host a workshop at the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Congress in Strasbourg to examine the role satellite communications can and will play in helping to connect the next generation of 5G-enabled vehicles.

The event is organised jointly by the EMEA Satellite Operators Association (ESOA) and ERTICO-ITS Europe, both of which Inmarsat is a member.

The workshop will feature speakers from satellite operators and automotive industry experts and focus on informing and educating the ‘intelligent transport’ community on how satellite technology can most effectively be deployed and the business case for satellite as a key enabler of the connected car.

Critical updates

Through its Connected Car group, Inmarsat is helping automotive manufacturers and suppliers understand the role satellite can play as the connected car becomes more prevalent and its systems more complex.

With satellite technology embedded into the vehicle, OEMs can efficiently and securely broadcast critical updates to its fleet of vehicles using Inmarsat’s highly reliable, fully owned and operated global network; slashing millions in recall and warranty costs and drastically reducing the need for the driver to bring the car into the dealer or servicing center.

Fuente: Inmarsat


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