The evolving role of COMSATCOM for government users


Rebecca Cowen-Hirsch, Senior Vice President of Government Strategy and Policy for Inmarsat’s U.S. Government Business Unit and Member of the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA), caught up with the organisation to discuss the growing and evolving role of complementary commercial satellite communications (SATCOM) in meeting the needs of increasingly mobile U.S. government users worldwide.

In the article, she highlights the importance of high-performing SATCOM that “moves” with government and military personnel to ensure mission success.

In addition, she discusses the successful and continued adoption of Global Xpress by both new and traditional government customers, and explains how Inmarsat’s continuous investment in innovation throughout the ground, terminal and space segments provides full end-to-end capability. Interoperable with existing military satellite systems, Inmarsat empowers users with the most flexible and immediate protected technologies.

From M2M to high-throughput data and video distribution for mobile platforms, Inmarsat continues to provide services that are relevant to government requirements and are designed for every aspect of military users-on-the-move missions.

Fuente: Inmarsat