Intelsat operator of the world’s first Globalized Network and leader in integrated satellite communications, today announced that its indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Intelsat Jackson Holdings S.A. (“Intelsat Jackson”), is seeking to amend its senior secured credit agreement (the “Credit Agreement”), which governs its approximately $3.1 billion senior secured term loan facility (the “Term Loan”), to, among other things, extend the maturity of at least a portion of the existing Tranche B-2 of the Term Loan. The proposed amendment to the Credit Agreement is subject to market and other conditions, and there can be no assurance that Intelsat Jackson will be able to enter into the amendment as described or at all.

In connection with lender meetings related to the proposed amendment to the Credit Agreement described above, members of Intelsat S.A.’s senior management team are confirming Intelsat’s guidance for full year 2017 results as previously provided on October 26, 2017.

Fuente: Intelsat


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