The ongoing digitalization of our society is already changing many processes in business and private life are already changing. The most important requirement is that digitization must be simple, usable everywhere and secure. Modern technologies and network infrastructures from Deutsche Telekom help to network machines, cars and countless other things on the Internet of Things (IoT).

After Europe, the United States and China, Deutsche Telekom is now bringing its IoT Service Portal to Brazil. Hence, T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom’s corporate customer arm, and Embratel, a leader in telecommunications and with strong IT and corporate mobility in Brazil, are announcing an agreement to enable commercialization of IoT connectivity in the Brazilian market in 2018. Through the partnership, T-Systems will use Claro’s network in Brazil, making the company a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

«We also want to make digitization easier on a global scale, because the international demand for intelligently managed IoT services is high. That’s why Deutsche Telekom works closely with partners such as Embratel in Brazil,» said Ingo Hofacker, who is responsible for the IoT business in the Deutsche Telekom Group. «This cooperation enables our customers from all over the world to use their M2M products seamlessly, securely and legally compliant with our IoT service portal in Brazil.»

IoT connectivity in different industries around the world

More and more companies from sectors such as the automotive, energy, health and transportation have been operating internationally, emphasizing the need to integrate local IoT solutions within a global context. They leverage mobile integration of any kind of IoT devices with their company headquarters, allowing them to read consumption data in real time, or to remote-control machines and monitor their operation. Deutsche Telekom’s IoT Service Portal has been developed with these challenges in mind, delivering managed connectivity around the world.

“Through the partnership, T-Systems will have access to the best technology in the market. With the support of Embratel, T-Systems will have connectivity, availability and network quality to support the IoT operations of its global customers in Brazil,» says Marcello Miguel, Executive Director of Marketing and Business at Embratel.

Deutsche Telekom’s IoT Service Portal enables customers to operate and control real-time M2M (machine-to-machine) communications, enabling business divisions to track all of their M2M cards with the corresponding data plans and transmission volumes. In addition, users can activate, lock or disable their M2M SIM Cards and also change their data plans or features. To control data transmission, they can set custom alerts for each card, receiving notifications automatically. The portal is accessible through a secure internet connection and its functionality can be easily integrated with existing IT environments through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to be used automatically.

Fuente: Deutsche Telekom


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